Have you found yourself wondering if you will ever find an idea that will sell?

No one wants to spend days or weeks planning, developing and launching a product or program only to hear crickets.

Stop overthinking it. The answer is simple.
Just give your audience what they are asking for.

7 Steps to Creating

HOT Selling Products and Programs!

Wednesday, March 17th 7:30pm EST

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About Your Host

Yvette Temple

Yvette is an educator, trainer, entrepreneur, and speaker, with over 25 years of experience with the School District of Palm Beach County. She has taught grades 2 –8 at several schools within the district. Yvette has a passion for teaching and helping her students reach their fullest potential based on who they are, not where they are from. She has received recognition for her achievements within the classroom, that include, a Dwyer Award nomination, consistently being ranked as a Highly Effective teacher and a Florida High Impact Teacher by the Florida Department of Education.

As the founder and CEO of Dystined2Shine, LLC, she empowers others through motivation, education and their transformation, so they are successful in their life, career, and business. Outside of the classroom, she is known as, “Your Teacherprenuer Coach.” She’s compelled to share her story, expertise and experience, to help teachers transition out of the classroom and into entrepreneurship to achieve their BADass Goals (Big Aspirations and Dreams) by maximizing their unique gifts, talents, and potential.

Yvette is a native Floridian that grew up in an area of Miami, known as Liberty City. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education for Florida A & M University and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Barry University. She is currently an Intensive Reading teacher in South Florida.