Revealed.... How to

End the Confusion and Frustration of Starting Your Online Business As a Teacherpreneur 

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You’ll learn everything you need to start your new business by honing in on your zone of genius and implementing 

the proper systems and processes needed for your online business to run efficiently. 

In this comprehensive tool kit, I’ll walk you through my 5 Pillars-to-Profit system that will help you match

passion to your purpose, so your can generate the profit you desire.


I'll introduce you to the 5 most profitable businesses for teachers and exactly how you can optimize your teacher talents to build a successful online business.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a booming business for teachers. This pillar teaches you how to build your own profitable online tutoring business that's convenient for both you and your clients.

Online Course Creation

 If you're not teaching online as an educator' you are leaving money on the table.....daily! You have what it is, but need to learn the 'how.' In this pillar you learn how you can get your slice of this multi-billion dollar pie. 


You may have a passion for teaching, but it could also very well be your purpose. The coaching/consulting pillar allows you to continue serving others by helping them achieve their goals, individually or in a group.


It's time to get that book out of your head and into the world. This pillar also teaches how your book can become the gateway to multiple streams of income.


Let your creativity set you free. This pillar teaches you how to turn your creativity ideas into unique products that people are clamoring for in the marketplace.

I’ll dive into each of these pillars and how to avoid mistakes that new teacherpreneurs make on their entrepreneurial journey.

The Teacherpreneur Toolkit includes:

  • Training videos on each of the 5 most profitable businesses for teachers
  • a cheat sheet of the 5 most common mistakes to avoid
  • the Mindset Mastery for New Teacherpreneurs workbook
  • a beautifully detailed pdf of business resources
  • an eBook on Self-Discipline for Teacherpreneurs 
  • a tech tools checklist

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