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Finally, a community for teachers, by teachers designed to help you turn your passion into marketable products and your purpose to profits. The ABCs2CEO Membership will provide you with the tools and strategy you need to leverage your transferable skills to build your own business that will afford you the life you want, need and deserve.

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Welcome to the ABCs2CEO Monthly Membership

Hello and welcome to the ABCs2CEO Monthly Membership!

Here's what you can expect as a member.

Goal Setting

Time to set your goals for your new journey! 

Vision of Love

In this lesson,  we're diving a little deeper but in a fun way. Now that you've experienced a shift in your mindset, it's time to make your vision plain. One of the best way that I've learned to do that is be creating a vision board! If you've never created one, be prepared! This month's training will explain the what, why, and how of vision boarding. If you wanna see you BADass (Big Aspirations and Dreams) goals manifested.....create your vision board NOW!

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