No Shade....Get PAID


Admit it, you've been dreaming about leaving the schoolhouse for months, maybe even years

  • Teaching has NEVER been about the money. But with high-stakes testing, increasing accountability, and less support why is it always a fight to be paid what you're worth.
  • Your health is at risk.  AFT found that stress levels have grown and mental health has declined. Teachers sacrifice their health and well-being daily, yet are continually disrespected and under-appreciated. 
  • School safety is now an even greater concern. The increase in school shootings is horrifying. Not to mention that educators are more likely to be bullied, harassed and threatened at work than other workers. 

Seriously, I get it....

NO SHADE  but isn't it time for you to GET PAID what you are worth?


Webinar Date:

March 19TH

Webinar Time:

8:00 pm ( EST )

You just aren’t quite sure how to get there—and maybe you’re just a little bit scared 

to let go of that “safety net.”

If that’s you, then join me when I’ll be sharing the 

7 Things You Need To Leave The Classroom Forever


  • Why it’s not enough to just want to get out of the classroom, you MUST have an exit strategy.
  • A 10-point business checklist-if you can't confidently tick off all the boxes, you may need to do a bit more work on your plan before turning in your resignation letter.
  • 4 support systems no business can live without-and where to find them

This is not some rah-rah, sugar-coated, “you can do it” webinar. I’m going to keep it real! With over 20 years in education, I know exactly what you are feeling and experiencing on a daily basis. Teaching is no longer a lifetime career option.

So where do you go from here?

Take the first step by attending this FREE webinar to map out your exit strategy and say bye-bye to the schoolhouse!

Webinar Host:

Yvette Temple

Yvette is an educator, trainer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Dystined2Shine, LLC where as your Empowerment Educator, she empowers others to achieve their BADass Goals (Big Aspirations and Dreams) by maximizing their unique gifts and talent through monetizing their passion as entrepreneurs!

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