Crossroads: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Are you ready to ACHIEVE your BADa$$ Goals
(Big Aspirations & Dreams)?
Or will you continue​ to build other people's  dreams

January 27th @ 10am EST

It's time for a major change?

You are stressed, overworked, overwhelmed....... just down right BURNT OUT!

You want to quit but have NO idea of what you would do if you did!

You remain stuck in stagnation of out of fear, doubt, and uncertainty!

You know what you would do if you quit, but have NO idea on how to get started!

If any or ALL of these describe how you feel about leaving your profession, ​

 this workshop is for YOU! 

In this workshop, you'll discover:

The right mindset and confidence you need to leave your comfort zone to pursue your purpose.

The clarity you need to figure out what you want and how to make it happen NOW!

The hidden strengths and interest that have been lying dormant and are now ready to be unveiled.


The obstacles the are holding you hostage and causing you to miss opportunities.

The REAL cost of staying or leaving a profession that is not aligned with your dreams and goals.

Ways to explore possible new career options and business ideas

Grab your seat NOW! Space is LIMITED!

January 27th 2018 at 10am EST

For ONLY $39

Meet Your Instructor:

Yvette is an educator, trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Dystined2Shine, LLC where as your Empowerment Educator, she empowers classroom teachers through motivation, education, and their transformation. After going through her own journey of self-discovery, she is now compelled to share with other teachers how they can achieve their BADa$$ Goals (Big Aspirations and Dreams) by maximizing their unique gifts, talent, and potential.