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Transitional G.P.S. (Guidance, Positioning, Success) BUNDLE

Includes a Black Friday Weekend Special at at even lower price.

You'll need to have several processes in place before you start your journey of  transitioning from your 9-5 and into entrepreneurship.  This bundle includes four important elements for GOAL-GETTers that are tired of punching the clock and ready to start their journey to FREEDOM.  The transitional G.P.S. Bundle include less on saving  money, time management, mentoring, and mindset. We've  bundled four of our most popular products for you at a phenomenal price to guide you into a position of success!

You'll receive the following in your bundle:

  1. Couponing 101: The Basics of Becoming a Savvy Shopper
  2. 5 Simple Strategies Increase Your Productive to Achieve Your BADa$$ Goals

3. Be Your Own Hero- You Are Dystined2Shine (Expert Interview Series)

4. Early Bird ticket for the 2018 Purposeful Planning Vision Board Party

Each will be delivered on the days they are released during the sale via email.

ONLY $40 (over $800 value)



Couponing 101: The Basics of Becoming a Savvy Shopper

Learn to strategically shop to save massive amounts of money.

Are you ready to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when you shop!

Couponing is definitely a mindset and lifestyle shift that will have a tremendous impact on your personal and financial journey. Not only will you learn to save money on every trip to the store, you'll actually pay yourself each week by putting the money you save into your savings account and other areas of our household or business. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • the who, what, where, when, and why of couponing. It is a system, and done correctly, it will reward you in many ways. 
  • couponing etiquette- Yes, there is a "right" way to use coupons, so you can stay out of couponing jail (the fraud is REAL).  
  • couponing  lingo- Yes, the is a language that couponers need to learn, understand, and use (jk....kinda).
  • you'll also receive a pdf filled with great tips and info you'll need to get started right away!




5 Simple Strategies to Increase Your Productivity + BONUS

Learn to invest your time and energy in what's important!

Are you putting everyone else's wants and needs ahead of your BAD*$$ Goals?

Are you ready to take back your time and do what you are called to do?

In this training, you will :

*Gain clarity of your BAD*$$ (Big Aspirations and Dreams) Goals. 

*Eliminate interruptions and distractions that rob you of precious time.

*Get "ish done in less time and be happier with your accomplishments each day.

*Get focused, organized, and prioritized for success in your professional and personal life.

ONLY $27 ($97 value)



Be You Own Hero Expert Interviews

Get proven strategies, tips, and advice from these industry experts

to experience the next BIG SHIFT in your life!

This is your opportunity to acquire knowledge from some of the most respected industry experts and entrepreneurs. You'll hear their strategies, tips, and advice that you can use to experience the next BIG SHIFT in your life, career and business! Just one idea you implement into your life could accelerate you on your journey into a purposeful and more fulfilling life!

ONLY $9 ($97 value)




"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." Helen Keller

Back by popular demand!

The 2018 Purposeful Planning Vision Board Workshop. This year we are offering a virtual ticket so that everyone can have the opportunity to learn from our presenters and build your vision alongside like-minded people.

Dr. Shamonia Wimberly and Benisa Forte' will be returning again this year!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!

Time and location: TBA

ONLY $15 ($35 value)

Every journey begins with a decision. Once you've made the decision that you will walk in your greatness,  it's then time to PLAN, EXECUTE, and DOMINATE!   Make it a GREAT day on purpose!

Yvette Temple, Dystined2Shine, LLC