Profit Planning  Workshop

"Every year you should be shocking yourself!" 

~ Delatorro McNeal III

2020 will the year that your 


Say YES to an increase in the impact that you make in your industry, across the country then, around the world  and watch how your profit margin expands!

Having a clear, strategic plan for your business is the best predictor of your success in meeting your annual profit goals. 

Understanding the 'how' of getting to your four, five, or six figures is the road map you need to guide you there.

Execution of the action plan is what will get you there.

Saturday, January 4th   9am EST

In this workshop you will:

  • Develop your quarterly marketing and profit plan to keep cash flowing in your business.

  • Plan your products and services for the year, by quarter.

  • Create your content calendar to tie your promotions to big events and holidays.

  • Map out a marketing plan that not only increases your conversion rates, also leverages the expertise of others

  • Build a sales funnel that will convert followers into loyal customers

This workshop is for you if:

  • Develop a profit plan that exceeds your 2019 profits 
  • Develop a content strategy that converts browsers into loyal buying customers
  • Create sales funnels that keep your buying clients asking, "What else you got?
  • Develop a marketing strategy that leverages collaborations and partnerships.

This workshop is not for you if:

  • You're stuck in a fixed mindset and profit planning isn't a priority in your business
  • Do not intend to double, triple, or quadruple the profits you generated in your business in 2019
  • Building a community isn't a component of your marketing strategy  
  • You don't see the importance of having sales funnels 

Workshop Attendees said....

[iplayerhd src="//iplayerhd.com/player/video/a279f484-fcbc-4627-a004-707ee67b431f" width="450" height="450"]

Dr. Shamonia Wimberly, 

Success Strategist and  CEO, Shakyra Renee' Jewelry 

Hey Yvette, your profit planning workshop has really been an eye-opener for me. It has provided me with the resources to know and understand my business. And what I mean by that is, before I was just a tutor that changed lives and that wanted to help families. Now, I am cocooning should I say into a business owner that is learning how to develop and better know and understand my business and what that entails. Your profit planning workshop really gave me thought-provoking action taking questions, exercises and strategies that has really caused me to think about and plan out my steps for my business and not walk into it blindfolded. To be honest when I used to hear people talk about profit planning, to me it seemed like a whole different language, but the way you broke down your Workshop into the steps, put it into perspective and a language that I could understand. So I just want to say thank you for taking the time out to offer this workshop.  And if anybody that is new to business or even been in business for a few years but just haven't taken a chance to really do their numbers, I suggest that they really take your workshop and also get the workbook because that's going to be icing on the cake.

Tina Howard,

Exceptional Tutoring and Academic Success Coach Services  

Don't miss this opportunity to write your #2020VISION and make it plain! 

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Note: We do NOT guarantee that you will make any amount of profits. Profits are generated solely based on individual efforts.

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